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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

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F.A.Q.s for Booking Secure Fields.

As we receive questions from our customers we will update our F.A.Q. pages accordingly 

so always check here first before contacting us.

F.A.Q.s on Business Rules for Booking Secure Fields

Can I bring my dog if its vaccinations are not up to date?

Yes you can as long as there is proof of some previous or puppy vaccinations or proof of immunity from Titre tests.

Can I share the field with friends?

Yes for The Big Field (not for the Orchard) but you must register on the booking system to agree to the Booking Terms and Conditions . Please see the Book Secure Fields page under The Big Field for more information.

Can I book for more than one hour?

Yes you can book as many slots as are available at the time.

Can more than 5 dogs be booked into the fields?

Yes but we insist that you book a minimum of 2 hours and this must be arranged through me. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to arrange this.

Can we have a barbeque with friends?

We would like to say yes, but the danger of people leaving rubbish, meat bones, charcoal remains and causing a fire is too much of a risk for us to take so sorry, no barbeques are allowed.

Can we take extra cars?

Yes but it must be arranged through me and is only permitted at The Big Field. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to arrange this.  We need to minimise traffic to our fields as Arlingham is a quiet village that we do not want to impact with extra traffic. Parking is limited to 5 cars on the hardstanding at The Big Field. No extra cars at the Orchard please.

Do you have toilets in the fields?

There is a composting toilet at The Big Field but no facilities at Vimpney's Orchard. There are 2 local pubs though.

F.A.Q.s on Using the Acuity Booking System

Do I need to have an account with the Acuity Booking System?

No. You can if you want (it won't hurt) but we recommend that you don't create one if you haven't already. We have given a lengthy explanation in the F.A.Q. below. Once you get used to how to do it, you should be fine in future!

Please remember to keep all the emails you get from Acuity when you book a secure field.

Can you explain more about using the Acuity Booking System?

We use the Acuity Booking System to schedule our field bookings and handle any payments. Acuity uses your email address to identify you. Acuity offers you the ability to create an account with them but it is not needed.

We offer special offer packages that allow you to pay for a number of field bookings up front and we will give you some more for free. If you buy a special offer package, Acuity will ask for your email address and store your package against that. You will get an email confirmation and should keep it but to redeem your package later you only need your email address so it doesn't matter if you mislay this email. You are not offered the chance to log in because it isn't needed, your special offer package is recorded against your email address whether you have an Acuity account or not.

When you want to make a booking for one of our fields, Acuity needs to know your email address and the booking is stored against that again. If Acuity finds that you have a suitable special offer package with unused bookings under the same email address used for booking, it will use the package to pay for the booking and you will not be charged for this booking. It does this whether you have an Acuity account or not. You will get a confirmation email for your bookings. You should always keep this email so you can check your bookings later.

An Acuity account only gives you one benefit. You can log in to see all your bookings online but this only works if you always log in BEFORE you make a field booking. If you do not then the booking is associated with your email address but is orphaned from your Acuity account even though that has the same email address. This causes our customers to get in touch wondering where their bookings are and makes a lot of work for us. So, by all means have an Acuity account if you wish but if you do, ALWAYS log in before making field bookings. We suggest it is far simpler to keep your booking emails safe and use those to keep a note of your booking and not use an Acuity account.

Always buy your special offer packages before thinking you can use them to pay for bookings! If you buy a package after you book a field you will have to pay for both and will not have used your package this time.

How do I report an Acuity Booking System Issue?

Please go to the top of this page, select Help Start Page on the blue bar then go to Technical Help.

F.A.Q.s on Using the Website to Book Secure Fields

Do I need to go through the various pages to book a field?

Apart from your initial interaction to get your first booking, you will be coming back as an existing customer from that point onwards. Assuming the number of dogs you will be bring is the same each time (either up to 3 or exactly 4 or 5) then you will be able to go straight to one page for each field after the first booking.

We recommend that you do the following if your browser allows it (this is mainly applicable for computers rather than mobile devices which we know most of you use): (a) ensure your bookmarks bar is on (b) create a HH folder for Happy Hounds (HH is nice and short so doesn't take up much of the precious space on the bar) (c) add a shortcut in the HH folder for the page that lets existing customers book for that number of dogs. This link might help.

In future you will only have to open your browser, click on the HH folder on your bookmarks bar then go straight to the booking page for the field that your dog instructs you to book.

Why can't I move "back" when buying Special Offers?

To keep the booking system screens relevant to you (i.e. to keep you in context), we are embedding both the relevant Special Offers and relevant Calendar views directly in the website instead of providing a link to an external Acuity page. Sometimes however, Acuity does not provide enough navigation controls within the view so please be very careful when buying Special Offers.

If you happen to get stuck in there, just refresh the whole page in your browser and start again. In case your experience with your device is worse than before (there are so many mobile devices out there, we can't test everything), we've added a direct link to open the Special Offers in a new tab if you really don't get along with it.

Any issues, please report (in detail) via the Technical Help option. Thanks.

Secure Fields Contact Form

Fur​ther Questions?

If you cannot find an answer in the help page above, please email us.

If you have a question about the website, dog training or a general enquiry,  you need to go to the top of this page, click Help Start Page on the blue bar and then select the correct help page for your enquiry. 

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