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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Booking Terms of Use

All Secure Field Bookings are subject to these terms of use.


  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog has third party liability insurance. You use the secure fields at your own risk and no responsibility can be accepted by myself or the land owner for any injury caused to you, anyone accompanying you, or your dog(s).

  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that all children must be kept under close control, not be allowed to climb or damage the trees nor be allowed near the pond without an adult supervising. On windy days especially, we recommend keeping your distance from the trees.

  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that the fields are secure enough for your dogs when you are with us at the New Client booking.

  4. It is your responsibility to bring water for your dog as there is no supply in the field. We do provide bowls if you need one.

  5. It is your responsibility to remove anything your dog(s) are wearing that might get caught as they have fun but ensure they have ID still.


  1. You agree to our entry and exit procedures which are for your safety and that of your dog(s). When you arrive, please do not to let your dog(s) out of the car until you have shut and locked the gate behind you. On leaving, please put your dog(s) in the car before unlocking and opening the gate.

  2. You agree not to disclose the lock combination to any one else. Only people that we have told should know the combination. We will change it daily and each time you book we will give you the current combination.
  3. You agree that in the event that someone is waiting to enter the field as you are leaving, you will not leave the gate open for them without asking them to confirm the combination of the lock before leaving. If they cannot confirm it or get it wrong for whatever reason they give, please lock and scramble the padlock and ask them to contact us for access assistance. Please do not just let them in.

  4. You agree to shut the gate, padlock the gate and scramble the combination whenever you leave the gate area (both on entry and exit).

Business Rules

  1. You understand that if you need to cancel a booking for any reason, you must give us at least 24 hours notice if you want a refund. If you cannot cancel or reschedule due to a technical fault with our website or booking system, you will take a screenshot and email us to make the change. We must receive this with 24 hours notice of the booking. We will use the screenshot to fault find any issues if we can.
  2. You agree not to use the fields for the first time without ensuring that you book a New Client booking (rather than Existing Client booking) for your first booking and an Existing Client booking for all ones at the same field thereafter.
  3. You agree to bring up to date, valid proof of all your animal's vaccinations or titre tests to the New Client booking.
  4. You agree to contact us as soon as practical in the event of discovering  any problems with the fields.

Consideration for Others

  1. You agree to keep to your pre-booked appointment times and not turn up outside those times unless by prior arrangement with us as it’s unfair on the other customers and their dogs. To do so defeats the object of the booking system – particularly for those people who have dogs that don’t want to or can’t, for whatever reason, be exercised with other dogs. All bookings require a minimum of 12 hours notice.

  2. You agree not to abuse the 15 minutes we allow between bookings for clients to park up and get through the gate and security without meeting other clients and their dog(s).

  3. You agree not to share your bookings with anyone else or their dogs without prior permission from us. We need to know about all the cars visiting and all users of our fields. Shared bookings might be possible in the Big Field but are not allowed in Vimpney's Orchard (except in exceptional circumstances). Please get in touch if you want to share a booking.

  4. You agree to pick up any dog mess from your dog(s) (and others if you are feeling generous!), bag it and take it home with you. We recommend dedicating a plastic box with a snap on lid for the purpose of taking your dog bags home!

  5. You agree to take any other rubbish home with you as well thank you. We want the fields to be in great condition for everyone.

  6. You agree to drive carefully and respectfully both to and from your appointments in our fields. Arlingham is a farming community and therefore there are children, dogs, farm animals, tractors and other slow moving vehicles. If you could keep your speed to below the limit it will keep villagers happy. Warth lane has several sharp bends with agricultural traffic and pedestrians on it, keep your speed very low. You must move for the tractors!

Booking Terms of Use - dated 9 May 2022

Please check back regularly to see if we have changed any rules.

The latest version of the rules always applies; go by the date. Thank you.

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