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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Book Secure Fields

Enjoy a safe and enjoyable time with your dogs in our fields!

We have two fields for hire in Arlingham, Gloucestershire. They are similarly priced and near each other so your dog will be very happy whichever field you book for them. We pride ourselves in providing a fun and stimulating environment for your dog in both of our fields, they are not just areas of grass with a fence around them, they are doggy adventure parks. Don't take our word for it, ask your dog.


The fields are the perfect place to train your dog to recall in a safe space knowing they cannot run away or be pestered by other dogs. The field is 9.6 acres and like a walk in the country side so very realistic for teaching recall. The orchard 3.3 acres. 


Is your dog unhappy around other dogs or struggles when being approached by other people's dogs or the people themselves? Is your dog old or infirm or recovering from surgery and you need somewhere to exercise your dog without being pestered by other people or their dogs? Has your dog got a poor recall and you need somewhere to exercise them safely or practice your recall training? Is your dog in season and you want to let her off lead without worrying about her getting up to mischief? These are some of the reasons why people love to hire our secure fields; you know you have it all to yourself - no worrying about other people or their dogs or your dog making a run for it.


Weekend bookings get taken quickly so you will need to book in advance but there are usually available times during the week. Have a look at the descriptions below and select the field when you are ready to book. If you already know which field you want, just click on a button below to get started.


You might like to know that there are 2 local pubs in Arlingham and both are dog friendly. The Red Lion Pub is just around the corner from the field (and serves posh nosh) and the Passage Inn (currently closed) is by the River Severn, serving very reasonably-priced food. You can be happy too!



What an amazing space! Absolutely everything has been thought of, anything you may require during your visit is there and Celine could not be more helpful showing me around when I arrived.

Donna-Marie Moore


Our Arlingham Fields


Both of our secure and enclosed fields have the following features in common...


Secure and Enclosed

We have high fencing with thick hedgerow behind to give security and privacy and keep your dogs safe.



We have tea making facilities in both fields but please bring your own milk! We have a composting toilet in The Big Field but no facilities in Vimpney's Orchard.



We have three seating areas in each field.


Weather Facilities

Feel free to borrow our umbrella or sunshades if needed.


First Aid Kits

You will find first aid kits suitable for dogs and their owners.


Security Cameras

We have security measures for your added protection and to make sure there is no misuse of the fields. We may make unannounced visits at any time.

In the map below, please ignore the red marker (there to centralise the view), you want the green tree ones. On mobile devices, you may need to pinch zoom to see the green field markers.  To the lower left is The Big Field and Vimpney's Orchard is the green marker to the upper right.  If you select View larger map, Google will open a new tab. The 2 pubs are yellow markers on this view.

We want you to have a great time with us. To help achieve that, we hope you will understand that there are a few rules that apply for the benefit of all of us and so all bookings are subject to your full acceptance of our terms of use. Please read them in full if you have never read them or it has been a while since you did!

We would like to emphasise the following from the Booking Terms of Use:

  • All Bookings are for your dogs only and for one car only (unless agreed in advance) .
  • Please keep the gate closed, locked and padlocks scrambled at all times.
  • Please clean up after your dog and take the bags home for disposal.
  • We need 24 hours notice for refunds to cancellations.
  • Please keep strictly to your appointment times.

You can read the full Booking Terms of Use by clicking the button below.

Find an available field at the time you want

The rest of this page helps you to pick one of our fields and then find a time when it is free.


Introducing "The Big Field"

Weighing in at a whopping 9.6 acres worth of doggy heaven on earth our Big Field doesn't disappoint!

Fenced to 5' 2" with thick hedgerow behind the fencing gives close to complete privacy and security. Located at the end of a private track, you will not be disturbed. Great for more reactive dogs!

Apart from the size, our main attractions are the sand pit, the farmyard agility course, the large natural pond (possibly dry in summer sadly) and a large cooling down trough! Bliss. 

We are working hard to re-wild this field. It has a young orchard, woodland area, an acre of veg patch and a natural pond (with a gentle sloping edge for the dogs to get in/out if they want). Your support is helping us to do this by funding the new trees providing shelter, nesting and food for wildlife. Thank you.

We have a composting toilet in The Big Field.

Sharing Your Booking In The Big Field

We usually allow bookings to be shared in The Big Field but you must get explicit permission from us first - use the contact form. The total number of dogs at any one time should be 5 or less.

Once permission has been given, clients should make the booking in their name but for the total number of dogs after sharing so, for example, if you have 3 dogs and you want to share with a friend who has 2 dogs then if approved, you would make your booking for 5 dogs.

Please note that you will need to email us the proof of vaccination or titre tests for any dogs that I have not seen documentation for at a New Client Meeting.


The Big Field is bookable from just £11 an hour for up to 3 dogs. Full costs, options, and discounted packages below. 

Up to 3 dogs - £11 / hour

Up to 4 dogs - £13 / hour

Up to 5 dogs - £15 / hour

* Special Offers *

Pay for 10 hours in advance for the Big Field and get an extra hour for free. Or pay for 20 hours, and get 3 extra hours free. No need to block book, we’ll just add the hours to your account and you can book whenever is best for you.
Book here


Introducing "Vimpney's Orchard"

The Orchard is a sizeable 3.3 acres, fenced to a height of 4' on 2 sides with thick impenetrable hedgerow behind it to a height of over 12' and the other 2 sides are fenced to a height of 6'.

it is surrounded by arable land and is very peaceful, located down a dead end road with the occasional passing tractor. The thick hedgerow means pretty much complete privacy! And its location means it is incredibly peaceful, no busy roads or railways near it!

The orchard is at the stage now where the fruit can be harvested, this will mean that for a few weeks in the autumn, the orchard will be closed to visitors. The field will also close for a few weeks over the summer to harvest the grass and crops. We usually get a couple of week's notice of the closures and will contact any people who have booked and ask them to reschedule their bookings.

Please note the older trees in the Orchard are up to 100 years old and slowly dying off, please do not climb or hang from them or damage them in any way and on windy days, keep your distance from them. The younger tress were planted in 2014, again please do not damage these trees or allow your dogs to dig or damage them in any way.

Sorry but we do not have any toilet facilities in the Orchard.

Sharing in Vimpney's Orchard

We do not usually allow bookings to be shared in the Orchard. Please consider hiring The Big Field if you want to share your booking. Please get in touch if you have any queries - use the contact form.


Vimpney’s Orchard is bookable from just £10 an hour for up to 3 dogs. Full costs, options, and discounted packages below. 

Up to 3 dogs - £10 / hour

Up to 4 dogs - £12 / hour

Up to 5 dogs - £14 / hour

* Special Offers *

Pay for 10 hours in advance for Vimpney’s Orchard and get an extra hour for free. Or pay for 20 hours, and get 3 extra hours free. No need to block book, we’ll just add the hours to your account and you can book whenever is best for you. Book here

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