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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Professional Endorsements

What the professionals think of us


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I have known Celine since 2000 when I worked as an RSPCA Inspector in the Bristol area and where she was working as Dog Warden. I don't think I've ever met anyone more caring, dedicated or knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and animal welfare. I would recommend her dog training classes to anyone who wants to have a better bond or just more fun with their dog.

Glyn Roberts, founder Global Animal Welfare Solutions and Bermuda SPCA Inspector

As a vet who has worked with Celine, I find that her compassion and dedication to the welfare of dogs always shines through. I have met several of her training success stories who have been transformed from fearful dogs with behavioural issues affecting their interaction with the world to well adjusted, happy dogs who are a valuable member in their home environment and who can enjoy living in society without stress. She has such a wide range of experience and a deep understanding of the dog’s mind. I strongly recommend her to anybody seeking training guidance for any dog.

Tamsin O’Brien BVSc MRCVS (The Smart Clinic, Cardiff)