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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Book Vimpney's Orchard

Step 3 - Optionally buy a package and hire the orchard

Notes for Existing Clients

  1. Our security codes change frequently. The Acuity Booking system will email and text you the code in time for your booking.
  2. If you bookmark this page, future bookings are just a click away!

Booking Best Practice

Please read the following very carefully to get the best user experience and least number of booking issues.

1. Be very consistent when typing in your name, phone number and email address when dealing with Acuity.

2. If you want to buy a package, always buy the package before you make any bookings that you want to come out of the package.

3. Always keep your field booking emails safely in case you want to confirm your bookings (rather than asking us to confirm them).

4. If you want to use an Acuity account (it's not needed) then always log into your account before making any field bookings.

If you do not understand any of the above advice, please click the "?" Help button above, switch to the popup tab and scroll down to a fuller explanation under the F.A.Q. "Can you explain more about using the Acuity Booking System?"

Special Offers!

Buy our packages if you want to and then scroll down to book the field using the special offers to pay for it. If you have a problem buying your package in the window below, you can reload this whole web page or open it in a new tab.

Book Vimpney's Orchard for Existing Clients with 1 to 3 Dogs

Please remember that all bookings are subject to our Booking Terms of Use  (pops up in another tab) and by continuing to book in the Acuity View below, you are agreeing to these terms in full. Thank you.

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