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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

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The Big Field is our Big Project!

Here is a little of the history of the recent project work to develop our big field:

20 April 2022

Sand pit added and pond dug deeper with a sloping edge for dogs to enter water gradually so building confidence.

4 January 2022

4 rehomed Christmas trees planted today and another apple tree!

23 November 2021

With the help of friends, another 31 trees were planted mainly in the woodland area. Through the year more have been planted as well and this brings the total amount of trees planted to over 200! We also dug a small natural pond today!

30 January 2020

Another 21 (3 more than expected!) trees planted in the big field today....133 trees now! My circle of horn beams is going to be so beautiful and create shade on the feasting table! And my double circle is also going to be amazing! I have created a young Arboretum!!! The new trees are big! Dug a row of tractor tyres in as well to make a new obstacle for the dogs.

17 December 2019

Today we planted another 30 fruit trees! 20 cherries, 2 mulberries, 2 almonds, 4 plums, 2 medlar.. This puts a total of 60 fruit trees in the orchard area! We also planted 2 holly trees in the woodland area! And another 20 trees coming in January!

20 September 2019

Another 6 large trees planted in the field! These are between 12 and 25 foot! Sweet chestnut, hornbeam, whitebeam, eucalyptus, weeping cherry and silver birch! As well as another 4 oaks planted earlier in the year, taking the total to 70 trees planted in a year and a half!

7 February 2019

20 fruit trees planted today!!! We have 4 varieties of pears and 4 varieties of plums, 2 russets apples, another quince and a medlar! As well as the original 10 apple trees! There are now 30 trees in the new orchard!!!!! 30 trees in the woodland area! This is so much more than I hoped to achieve in my first year! I had 2 lovely ladies donate money for trees, which is so amazing of them! My lush friends helped me and we made quick work of planting them with the help of a mini digger! The dogs all had a lovely day too, playing in the field, mine didn't move all evening! And another rainbow! Each time we plant we have a rainbow, I believe this is a good omen!!! Now I have all summer to save for more trees next year!!! Feeling very happy! Big thanks to all my customers for making this possible, and to my friends for their help and support

29 November 2018

28 woodland trees planted in the field!

See the Barn Owls

If you book early in the morning or later in the evening, there is a high chance of seeing the barn owls that hunt in the field!

Doing our bit for nature

The field is left wild so flowers and grasses thrive and the dogs have grass to explore in!

Bring a picnic!

Bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view and the quite and

seclusion of the new field on the feasting table! It seats 10!