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Read a little more about the orchard


The orchard is beautiful and stimulating for dogs and owners but also full of wildlife. Everything I do in my fields is to encourage nature to thrive, and give dogs a wonderful off lead experience.

In the wetter months the natural pond is full and the dogs love to swim in it or just paddle to cool down.

The orchard is ridge and furrow and gives the dogs lots of entertainment jumping from the ridges across the water filled furrows in the winter! The ridge and furrow also encourages a huge variety of different plants to grow. I leave most of the orchard wild, giving lots of interest for the dogs and encouraging a huge mount of insect and bird life!


In the summer the tin bath is kept full so the dogs can still have a cool down and the pond dries up to become a nice cool cave!

The dogs love the bridge over the drainage channel too.


The orchard also has a selection of herbs and plants that are beneficial to a dogs health and well being.

We have lots of herbs and Chamomile (which helps relax some dogs) but my favourite wild flower in the Orchard is Fleabane. This is a natural flea repellent and it grows everywhere in my orchard!

The Orchard has old and new trees and these provide shade for you and your dogs on the hot summer days. There are several seating areas if you just want to relax a while under an apple tree. The Orchard also has tyres, straw bales (in the spring) and logs made for my farmyard agility course!

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