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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

General Enquiries Help

F.A.Q.s and Contact Form for General Enquiries.

As we receive questions from our customers, we will update our F.A.Q. pages accordingly so always check here first before contacting us.


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F.A.Q.s on Getting In Touch

How do we contact you for help?

We receive a lot of communications, mainly by email and by phone. It can be very difficult to help everyone quickly because we are very busy running the business and are unavailable if we are maintaining the fields or running a class. We hope that the refreshed website will answer a large proportion of your questions so that you will not need to contact us very often and you will be able to get your answers quicker and at any time of day.

We have 4 help pages: one for booking Secure Fields, one for getting Dog Training, one for Technical Issues with either the Website or the Acuity Booking System and this one for General Enquiries (i.e. everything else). Each of these pages has the F.A.Qs for that area and a specific email form at the bottom of the page to use if the F.A.Q.s don't help you with your specific query.

As you move through the main pages of this website, if you need help with what you are doing, please click the circular "?" Help button at the top of the page to get to the best help page directly or you can always use the Help link at the bottom of the main website pages to enter the help system at the start page, then go from there.

Please ensure that if you have a Secure Fields, Dog Training or Website question, you go to the correct help page and read the F.A.Q.s there first. They will be updated every time we get a question that isn't covered at the time. Being on the right page also means you will fill out the correct enquiry form and this is important. Each form now goes to a different email address. If you use the wrong form, there may be a delay in answering your question.

To manage our workload, we may have one or more people helping us out from time to time. We can now divert these enquiry emails to the person who is looking after that area at the time. Please use the forms for all initial communications. Thank you.

Can we ring you?

As a last resort only please, the phone number for Celine is 07821 975187.

What email addresses should we use?

Please use the forms on the help pages and when we reply you will get the correct email address to use. We have moved to domain email addresses now (i.e. [email protected]). We will be retiring the BT email address in the near future as we have domain email addresses as part of the package but have to pay for BT. Also, these email addresses allow us to be more organised and farm out work to people helping us. Anyone helping us will be acting as a Data Processor and under strict control over what they do on our behalf. See the Privacy Policy page at the foot of the main pages of this website (not available on popup tabs). Thank you.

F.A.Q.s on Data Protection and Privacy

What is your Privacy Policy?

See our Privacy Policy page at the foot of the main pages of this website (not available on popup tabs). Thank you.

What is the lawful basis for your Data Processing?

We do not engage in active marketing, our customers come to us for our advertised services. For the majority of our data processing, we process your data under the lawful purpose of fulfilling a contract. Please see the Privacy Policy.

What is the situation with Data Privacy and the Acuity Booking System?

See our Privacy Policy page at the foot of the main pages of this website (not available on popup tabs). Thank you.

Miscellaneous Frequently Asked Questions

What led you to want to work with dogs?

See our About Us page at the foot of the main pages of this website (not available on popup tabs). Thank you.

General Enquiries Contact Form


Vistaprint has a reliability problem with their contact forms on the current platform (hopefully it will be resolved when we move to Wix). There is nothing wrong with our website specifically. I have reported it to them and asked for an urgent response from their developers. It means that your form data below cannot reliably be sent to us (as Celine said on the old website). There is nothing we can do to fix their problem. For the time being, please email us directly, providing the information requested in the form below. Please do not use the form. Thanks.

If you cannot find an answer in the help page above, please email us.

If you want to send us an enquiry about the website, dog training or secure fields, you need to go to the top of this page, click Help Start Page on the blue bar and then select the correct help page for your enquiry. This form is for general enquiries.

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Thank you! Your General Enquiry was sent successfully.

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