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Happy Hounds Dog Training & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Book Dog Training Help

F.A.Q.s and Contact Form on Booking Dog Training.

As we receive questions from our customers, we will update our F.A.Q. pages accordingly so always check here first before contacting us.


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F.A.Q.s on Business Rules for Dog Training

At what age can my puppy start training?

They can start one week after their second vaccination.

Is my dog too old to train?

You can always train a dog at any age.

Do you need proof of vaccination to come to dog training?

Yes, we must see proof of vaccinations (or titre test) before or when you start classes.

What methods do you use in dog training?

We use positive reinforcement to train, using food, toys and lots of praise at the correct time.

Can I use a choke chain?

No. we do not allow the use of these in my dog training. You may use a normal collar or a suitable harness.

Can I use an extendable lead?

No. we do not allow the use of these in my dog training. You have little control over your dog on a flexi lead; we do not like them and think they are dangerous. They are also always under tension so your dog will never learn to walk on a loose lead.

Please contact me directly by email to arrange 1-2-1 training. 

Click for more info on group training

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