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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

Bronze Level Dog Training

What you will learn at Bronze Level


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What you will learn in the Bronze/Rescue Class

Dog training requires commitment, this means turning up every week and working hard in class and at home. Each week I will give you homework that you must do or you will fall behind.

Just doing a minimum of 10 minutes training twice a day with your dog will make a big difference, but more is better. Keep training sessions short and fun, end on a high note, do not allow your dog to become bored. Your commands must be clear and consistent, all members of the family need to train in the same way and use the same commands otherwise your dog will get confused.

I will aim to get you through each level of training in 10 weeks and I can only do this if you put in the work. At the end of the course you will be tested on all you have learnt, if you complete all parts then you will pass and move up a class or finish.

The items below are what you will learn in this training level.

Collar and Identity

Making sure the collar is suitable and safe and the dog is identified.

Watch Command

Focusing your dog.

Release Command

Letting your dog know that an exercise has finished.


Sit, Down and Stand.

Walk on a Loose Lead

Good manners on the lead, working in the hall.

Wait Command

Teach your dog to wait until called from at least 10 paces and at doors, pavements etc.

Recall Command

Showing and discussing with you how to begin to teach a good recall.

Grooming and Inspection

Getting your dog used to being handled and touched all over.

Stay Command

Stay in a position for 1 minute at a distance of 5 paces until you return to the dog and release them.

Controlled Walk with distractions

Teaching your dog to focus on you, not other dogs or people.

Control at Door

Dog to wait in any position at the door (whilst you go through) until you call them through.

Leave It Command

Leaving a piece of food until you tell the dog to take it.​

Learn a Trick

Just for fun!


6 basic questions about your dog, including its care and its breed. You must get 4 out of 6 correct in the test.

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