ROCKHAMPTON HAPPY HOUNDS DOG TRAINING - secure dog field New orchard
*******i will be away from the 3rd August until the 19th August...i will not be able to respond to emails or book anyone new into the fields in this time....i can take bookings for established customers but my phone will only be on at 8am and 8pm for this

secure enclosed dog walking field gloucestershire near stroud

private secure enclosed dog walking field arlingham near stonehouse gloucester

CELINE 07821975187

secure enclosed dog walking field near stonehouse arlingham glucestershireTo book give me a ring, drop me a text, find me on Facebook, or fill in the contact request form. 
On your first visit I will need to meet you to do paperwork, see vaccination cards (or titre tests), and show you around to make sure you are happy, then you can stay and let your dogs enjoy the safety and peace of the field. After that you can just book and go!!!

**The cost is £9 for 1 hour for up to 3 of your own dogs...any extra dogs charged at £3 per dog
**If you book the field for a 2 hour slot i reduce the price by £2.
**If you book 3 1 hour slots in one week i reduce the cost to £8 for up to 3 of your own dogs
**I also do reductions on big groups of dogs

secure enclosed dog walking field near stroud gloucester dursley

Weekend bookings are usually available

private secure enclosed dog walkig field arlingham near stonehouse gloucester
***First Aid kits in case of accident to dogs or humans are always available in the sheds at both fields!
****There is an umbrella in the shed in each field in case of showers!
*****Sunshades in case of sun!
*****Seating in several locations in both fields
*****There are tea making facilities in each field, take your own milk.
****The New orchard also has a composting toilet for humans!
******1st aid kits in both fields

secure dog WALKING field Arlingham near stonehouse gloucester
Nine and a half acres of enclosed field, fenced to 5 foot 2 inches with thick hedgerow behind all the fencing, giving pretty much 100% privacy and security.
Accessed up a private track, no passing traffic or walkers, and no road noise!

Vaccinations or Titre tests are required to use the field but if you have an old or ill dog that cannot be regularly vaccinated please get in touch to discuss the options.
scure dog walking field near stroud cheltenham gloucesterThe new field is a project and over the next few years I will be planting 3 acres as orchard, 3 acres as native woodland and hoping to dig an acre out as a large natural pond...I am also hoping in the next few years to plough an acre to grow veg....Each time you use the field the money will go towards planting new trees and providing shelter, nesting and a food source for wildlife!

28 woodland trees planted in the field!

secure enclosed dog walking field arlingham, near stonehouse gloucesterUPDATE
secure enclosed dog walking field arlingham near stonehouse gloucestersecure enclosed dog walking field near stonehouse in arlingham20 fruit trees planted today!!!
we have 4 varieties of pears and 4 varieties of plums, 2 russets apples, another quince and a medlar! As well as the original 10 apple trees!
There are now 30 trees in the new orchard!!!!!
30 trees in the woodland area!
This is so much more than I hoped to achieve in my first year!
I had 2 lovely ladies donate money for trees, which is so amazing of them!
My lush friends helped me and we made quick work of planting them with the help of a mini digger!
The dogs all had a lovely day too, playing in the field, mine didn't move all evening!
And another rainbow! Each time we plant we have a rainbow, I believe this is a good omen!!!
Now I have all summer to save for more trees next year!!!
Feeling very happy!
Big thanks to all my customers for making this possible, and to my friends for their help and support

Secure enclosed orchard near stonehouse, Alrlingham gloucester
Take a picture with the guardian of the field!!!
secure dog walking field near stonehouse quedgeley

The field is rented out for exercise at a rate of £9 for 
an hour, this is for you and up to 3 of your own dogs. Any additional dogs will be charged at £3 per dog.
If you wish to take other people and their dogs to the field they will also need to fill in paperwork.
secure dog walking field near cheltenham stone house gloucester
If you want to hire the field for more than an hour a slight reduction will be given. 

dog walking secure field stonehouse haresfield gloucester

Is your dog, unhappy around other dogs, or doesn't cope with being approached by other peoples dogs?

secure enclosed dog walking park stroud stonehouse gloucestershireIs your dog worried about other people?

Is your dog old or infirm or recovering from surgery and you want somewhere to exercise it without it being pestered by other dogs.

Has your dog got a poor recall and you need somewhere to exercise it safely, or practise your recall training.

Is your dog in season and you want to let her off without worrying about her getting up to mischief!

enclosed dog walking field gloucestershire stroud stonehouse

There are many reasons people use the secure dog walking field....You know you have it all to yourself, no looking around every corner worrying about dogs running up, or people approaching. And no worrying about your dog running off and getting in trouble!

secure enclosed private dog walking field near stonehoue quedgeley haresfiels gloucester
If you book in the early or morning or evening there is a high chance of seeing the barn owls that hunt in the field!
secure dog walking field near stroud near gloucester near stonehouse

The field is accessed up a private farm track, there is no passing traffic or walkers

secure sog walking field covering stroud gloucester stonehouse

Private track to secure dog walking fields. No passing people, dogs, cars or trains. Almost total peace!

happy hounds secure dog walking field near stonehuse stroud gloucester

The field is left wild so flowers and grasses thrive and the dogs have grass to explore in!secure dog walking field gloucester stroud wotton stonehouse

secure field for dogs near wotton gloucester stonehouse haresfield
The field is situated away from any roads and is very peaceful.

secure dog walking orchard field near stroud gloucester stonehouse quedgeley

Enjoy the beautiful view

secure dog walking field near quedgeley gloucester stonehouse kingsway
Providing a safe place to exercise and train your dog.

secure dog walking field near stroud stonehouse gloucester haresfield

secure dog walkig field near stonehouse nymphsfield gloucestershire

This is the 1st of 10 fruit tress planted!

secure dog walking field Arlingham near gloucester stonehouse haresfieldBring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view and the quite and seclusion of the new field on the feasting table! It seats 10!

secure enclosed dog walking field ear stonehouse gloucestersecure dog walking field near stroud stonehouse wotton gloucester
On the 29th November 2018 we planted 25 woodland trees in the field!!!!
Every visit from my customers has been put towards buying these trees! So thank you all! Many more trees to come ever the next few years!!! 

secure dog walking field near stroud gloucester stonehouse nymphsfield cam

secure dog walking field near stroud wotton gloucester quedgeley

The 1st ever customers at the new field! 2 Ex racing greyhounds!

To see over 130 5 star reviews check out my 2 Facebook pages
Our first (and certainly not last) visit to the Orchard today. Such a wonderfully peaceful place for Bella to explore and chase her ball. Thank you Celine x Gayle

My daughter and I visited Celine’s secure dog walking field at Arlingham this afternoon and booked immediately for a return visit. The field is totally safe and secure, and our five dogs were able to run around freely. They had a wonderful time. I would highly recommend Celine’s secure field to anyone who is looking for somewhere safe to run their dogs. Linda

Celine's field and orchard are great places to exercise your dogs and practice your recall and other training. Very quiet peaceful places to spend time with your dogs. Celine's training classes are always fun and you will learn alot! Highly recommended! Wendy

Celine's training skills are superb and her dog training classes are fantastic ..for both the dogs and their humans :-) My rescue greyhound has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, plus had a bad start in life at the greyhound race track. She has major fear issues of 'humans' outside the boundaries of the home. Now she literally cannot wait to get in the car each week on training day - she is so excited and such a major transformation since just attending Bronze class. The classes and the Rockhampton village hall environment really suit her. Also at Celine's Orchard was the first time we had seen her forget her outside fears and have fantastic off lead super zoomies with other greyhounds. I'm really excited about her progress and future and it is all thanks to Celine's help. Gill

Without Celine's training I'm not sure we would've been able to keep our first dog Lexi, a two year old Romanian rescue. Celine's training gave us confidence to understand better how to behave around Lexi and how she needed to be treated to gain our trust.
We completed Bronze, Silver & Gold with a lovely group in Rockhampton Village Hall and then I continued on and did Gold in Celine's orchard to give Lexi every opportunity at mixing and being in different surroundings...I hope to be able to attend the delinquent dogs club as and when work commitments allow!
I also highly recommend hiring out either the orchard or the large field if, like us, you weren't confident to let your dog off lead to roam free, it was such a lovely experience to see Lexi running around & again, allowed us to build our confidence in trusting her off lead!
The classes are so much fun and everybody laughs with each other - no one is made to feel their dogs aren't keeping up, everyone and their dog is treated as individual and encouraged by not only Celine but all class members as well, such is the good morale led by Celine within the group!
Thank you Celine, I won't hesitate to recommend you & already have done so! Naomi

19/7/18 Awesome! Beth

I have been using the orchard at Arlingham for quite a while now to exercise my rescue dogs, one fear aggressive and the rest not much recall at present. Having this wonderful orchard to walk in is a real blessing, I can relax and the hounds can run about to their hearts content. It is a really peaceful stunning location and I can highly recommend it to everyone. Frances

The fields are awesome, so much space and very peaceful. Celine you are a very special lady, thank you for sharing your dream with us. X Helen

I've used both secure fields now and love taking my GSD weekly. It's great be able to let him off and he can stretch his legs, chase his ball and explore the surroundings safely a d without any distractions. Plus it's a great space for great some training in. Highly recommended

I have been using the Orchard for just over a year and have now been to the new secure field. Both are amazing and you can exercise your dogs in a very relaxed and peaceful environment - no worries about large dogs running up to other people or them escaping to other fields or onto roads. Can’t recommend this enough. Pamela

I used the Happy Hounds Field for my Labrador’s litters first Birthday party. Lovely quiet location, huge field for all the dogs to run around, lots of places for us humans to sit. It was great to know all the dogs were safe mooching around while we all chatted. Just lovely � thanks Celine 

I attended my puppies first birthday party at the field. Was lovely to see them all bounding through the wild flowers/grasses. No mess anywhere great picnic table right in the middle for everyone to congregate round. Hours of fun in a lovely picturesque and safe setting. Highly recommend 

We visited the secure field this afternoon. What an amazing place. Beautiful scenery and so peaceful. Celine was great and has big plans for the field which we can't wait to see. Would definitely recommend a visit especially if you have a reactive or anxious dog that cant come off lead. Can't wait to go back

Chakotay and Nala had an amazing time in Celine's field, definitely go again, Christine and Warren

Fantastic place to visit and a very warm welcome and professionally run. Bird song was amazing, fab facilities and totally secure. Will return for sure. Sue

Celine's new secure field is an absolute MUST to visit! Pups had a fab time and it is so peaceful � stunning views too! Heaven! Can't wait to go back! Thanks Celine �� Bec

Celine is fantastic, we brought Aldo in September never expecting to reach Bronze but through her knowledge, patience and humour he has achieved Gold. The classes are small & fun, we will miss our Wednesday evenings. The Orchard secure field is great if you have a dog with recall problems, Aldo loves the freedom here but we look forward to using the new secure field which will Aldo the freedom he needs and peace of mind for us. Would recommend Celine for training and her secure fields to anyone looking to help their dog develop.

The field is near to Stonehouse, within easy travel from Stroud, Quedgeley, Whitminster, Cam, Wotton, Dursley, Gloucester and all surrounding areas.

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