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Rockhampton Happy Hounds & Secure Dog Walking Fields

About Us

Read a little on our background


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I count myself very lucky to have been working with dogs since 1997! I was bought up around animals and from a young age knew I wanted to work with them.

I have always been passionate about animals but especially dogs, at the moment my family consists of 2 Lurchers and we live on a narrow boat together.

In 1997, I attended Plumpton Agricultural College to study for a National Diploma in Animal Care, passing with Distinction and being awarded a cup for being the student with the highest grades. During this course I worked for 1 year in Wildlife Rescue and a further year was spent at Raystede Animal Rescue Centre in East Sussex. In both of these roles I was involved with a wide range of large and small animals but canine care and training became my passion after working closely with the rescued dogs.

When I moved to Bristol I began work at Heavens Gate Animal Rescue Centre where once again i cared for a great diversity of animals but I spent as much time as possible with the rescue dogs. I was always drawn to the most difficult dogs which were frequently considered unsuitable for rehoming and with whom people were reluctant to work.

After working with one particularly difficult dog called Custard (pictured here - a much missed loyal friend and a guardian) the manager awarded me a Certificate of Outstanding Dedication for training the rescue dogs. I adopted Custard and after a lot of work and lots of training, he became the most loyal loving and well behaved dog I could have ever wished for.

I then spent the next 8 years working as a Dog Warden which entailed working with a lot of dogs (and people!) that i did not know and needed to assess pretty quickly in order to stay safe. I was very passionate about this job and focused on the education and training of dogs and owners alike! My primary aims were to make people aware of the laws and their responsibilities relating to dog ownership. My purpose always being to make happy dogs and happy owners.

This is when i rescued my second dog, Biskit, the Greyhound (pictured here - there is a big hole in my heart since he died - he made me laugh every day!).

Whilst employed as a Dog Warden, I enrolled at the Animal Care College, studying Intermediate Canine Psychology, gaining a Distinction.

Later, when I felt a change of direction was needed, I worked as a Veterinary Nurse at Brimsham and Winterbourne Veterinary Clinics, gaining further valuable knowledge of animal health and treatment.

I left this job as i was offered a job at Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Whitminster. I spent 9 months there as a kennel assistant, working with boarding dogs and the rehoming dogs, helping to train and socialise the dogs. Unfortunately, the travel every day was too far so I left this job.

I spent several years working alongside another dog trainer at Castle Court Dog Training Club which was a Kennel Club class before setting up my own classes. I have been running my own classes since March 2012. My classes are not Kennel club classes because I do not agree with some of the standards of dog breeding set by them, these are my personal feelings.

In December 2017, I attended a wolf and dog behaviour day course which was incredibly interesting and an amazing hands-on experience with wolves, one of the highlights of my life was to be so close and to touch wolves!

I believe in ongoing training to keep my skills up-to-date.

  • In December 2018, I attended a CPD Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care course to refresh my skills.
  • In June 2019, I completed a canine body language course run the by The Dog Training College.
  • In 2020, I completed a reactive dog course.
  • 2022, currently doing an online course with 'The School of Canine Science' Puppy Lab

Please come along and see what I have to offer.

Sadly Lost but Never Forgotten

Snippy, 2008-2015

You were a special dog and my best friend. 

I rescued you at a young age and you helped so many dogs to overcome their fears with your beautiful nature. 

I miss you every day. Cancer took you too early. 

Run free Snippy xxxx

Ruby, 2005-2017

You came to me as a very scared and neglected girl aged 5 and you left me as a very gentle old lady at 17 years old. 

We had many happy years together. 

I miss you so much. 

Run free Ruby xxxx

Mr Bitzy, 2005-2017

On the 21st October 2017, you had to leave me, your kidneys had given up and you were put to sleep in my arms on the boat, goodbye my giant gentle beast. You never left my side in life and I know you will always be by my side. You made it to 12 years old which for a 50kg dog was a damn good age. You were my protector and guardian, and I miss you so much. You came to me a terrified pup who had known nothing but the inside of a shed and you became the most wonderful friend.

Run Free Mr Bitzy xxxx


After the loss of my beautiful dogs Mr Bitzy and Ruby in the less than 8 months, I made the decision to rescue another dog. I believe she was meant to be mine, she popped up as needing a home on the day Ruby died, she looks like Snippy but is a girl like Ruby. 

Meet Flea!

After all the tears, she has made me smile again and Moose adores her!