Each week I will pick the dog and owner that I believe have achieved the most and post their pictures here. This may be because they have worked hard at all the exercises, or it may be that they have overcome one part of training that they were struggling with. 
Watch this space you and your dog may be appearing here sometime soon!

Silver dogs of the week!
Rosemary and Rhoda...….Rosemary you always excel with your dogs, your passion for the Labradors is plain to see. Rhoda is a lovely little beastie, and does well in class. On the test she was heading for perfection! She did break the stay on the first attempt, which is very out of character for her but she did do it, and passed. Well done!
Phyllida and Juno....Juno is a very capable Labrador, and she did really well on the test, her stay was faultless, her walking was very good, and she didn't jump on me! But this is something you will need to keep working on, as she is an excitable little creature!
Clare and Hooper.....Hooper the little Whippet Angel!!!! He was perfect on all exercises, He broke the stay at the beginning but I think that may have had something to do with Betsy pouncing on him! After that he did 2 minutes easily...….I can't give you all the credit though because Nathan is his main trainer in class! Well done both of you!
Ann and Betsy....I love you 2! You and Betsy are both so funny! I know Betsy is quite a challenge but there isn't a nasty bone in her body, and your patience and sense of humour have helped you survive classes!!!! She did do really well, after the first attempt at stay went a bit pear shaped, the second attempt she was perfect! Well done for sticking with it, classes wouldn't be the same without you!
I love teaching this class, you all have such good senses of humour, and that always helps!

Dogs of the week!
Gold class!
Emma and Coco.....Well what can I say on test day Coco did it! I wasn't sure she would but she did! She walked off lead perfectly, even after you put the treat away and stopped cheating!!!! She went to bed! and her emergency stop was perfect, and she stayed, and she was quiet when you tied her up! What an achievement with your cheeky little fur ball!!! Well done!
David, Kate and Dessie....Dessie has been consistently good though out all 3 levels of training! Your dedication to him is clear to see. He is a very laid back Greyhound but a very clever one too! Too achieve an emergency stop with a pointy dog is always a challenge but you did it, this may be helped by him being the slowest greyhound I've ever had in my classes! Well done!
Jenni and Rico! Rico is such a clown, you can't help but love his showmanship! Never a dull moment with Rico in class! His first attempt at the emergency stop was more like hall surfing! But second attempt he stopped! He pounced onto his bed very dramatically and managed to stay for 2 minutes! Well done!
Gill and Bailey.....Bailey did most of the exercises perfectly but he completely refused to stay despite several attempts, and his off lead walking didn't go well, Its such a shame as he did everything else so well. You have overcome so many of the Gold exercises with Bailey but on test day I couldn't pass him as it has to be perfect. But you have worked hard, and I know you will continue too! You are more than welcome to come back for another go! Well done!
Nicky and Frazzle.....Frazzle has come a long way and this was your second attempt at Gold with him.....He managed the Bed command this time but he couldn't do the stop and he wouldn't stay....But he did do all the other parts of the test really well.....Getting a pointy dog to do an emergency stop is always a challenge!!!!! And I think because he is anxious the stay was really hard for him....I know you work hard with your dogs and I am sorry I couldn't pass you this time. I've loved having you in classes with both your dogs, keep working on stop and stay and if you get it right, come back and show me and I'll give you the certificate!
You've been a lovely class to teach, and I will very much miss our Saturday mornings together, but I will see you next week for the Xmas party!

Gold class you all passed!
Calum and Gizmo....You have been so much fun in class, and brilliant at training Gizmo, and turning up to class in your tractor made you the best...I love tractors!!!!!
Gizmo has gained in confidence in class and become much more confident with people! You are both lovely! Usually it would be goodbye but as you will be starting again with another pup, so its not goodbye!
Caroline and Pip....Pip is a great fun dog and you are a good fun owner. You have always risen to each challenge and mastered it well! No extra brownie points though cos you haven't got a tractor! You passed easily and usually I would be sad to say goodbye but you are also coming back with another crazy Spaniel! Yay!
Georgina and Halfpint….Your little ball of fluff has been a challenge sometimes, but each challenge you worked hard and mastered it! Your smiley face and sense of fun has made training you a joy! Unfortunately it will be goodbye, and I will miss you both lots but we will still see you for the Xmas party!
Barbara and Henry....Henry is a lovely dog, and you are a very lovely lady! You have worked hard with Henry and it shows, he passed easily. Both a joy to teach, and I know you have worked hard with him.....Sad to say goodbye but I will see you next week and for the Xmas party!!!!
Sue and Lucy.....Lucy is the smallest and the funniest Spaniel I have ever met. It would be impossible not to love her. She has been a challenge, and you have tried Gold several times, this time you cracked it! Very proud of you!
I adore both of you x
Helen and Ruby....Ruby is very bright but likes to put your training to the test....I know you are very strict with her, and on her second attempt at Gold you cracked it! She is a very bouncy beast and you will have to stay on top of the training all the time! I have loved having you both in class, and will miss you....But not until after the Party!
What a great fun class you have all been, I don't think we had a single class without laughter, especially about the 'DON'T YOU DARE!'
See you all next week for fun and the for the Xmas party!!!!

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