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secure dog exercise field gloucester

Give me a ring or fill in the contact form if you are interested in the field, free slots available most days.

secure dog field gloucester

If your dog cannot be trusted off lead or is not good with other dogs or you just want a peaceful place to relax with your dog then the orchard may be the place for you! 
I do 1 to 1 classes for recall and socialisation in the Orchard.

secure dog walking field gloucesterThe Orchard is over 3 acres, it is fenced to a height of 4 foot on 2 sides with thick hedgerow behind it to a height of 12 foot and the other 2 sides are fenced to a height of 6 feet. It is in Arlingham in Gloucester, it is surrounded by arable land  and is very peaceful. The 'Red lion' pub is close by so after your walk you could pop in for a drink or lunch, the pub is dog friendly.

dog puppy training in gloucester area
secure dog walking field gloucesterBefore you use the field i will meet with you and go through the rules, terms and conditions, you will need to sign to say you accept these terms and conditions. 
Your dog needs to be vaccinated and i will need proof of vaccination when we meet. 

secure field and dog training in gloucester            Providing a safe place to exercise and train your dog.

secure dog field in gloucester

secure field for dog training gloucester 

The Orchard is rented out for exercise at a rate of £9 for 
an hour, this is for you and up to 3 of your own dogs. Any additional dogs will be charged at £3 per dog. 
If you wish to take other people and their dogs to the orchard they will also need to fill in paperwork.
secure field for exercising dogs gloucester 

The gate will be locked with a combination lock and this will be changed daily. On the day you have booked you will need to text me and get the days combination from me.

secure field for dogs gloucester

A beautiful morning mist over the orchard

secure field for dogs gloucester

Sunset at the orchard.... 2 barn owls hunt in here just before sundown most evenings

secure field for dogs gloucester

3 acres of peace and quiet for you and 3 acres of exploring for your dogs.

secure dog training field gloucester

Straw bales for humans or dogs to rest on!


I use Celines' delightful orchard for my reactive dog so that we can both enjoy some freedom without worrying about interference from other dogs and their owner...s. It feels like such a special place to be and allows us to be completely relaxed. Dills enjoys sniffing in the grass, usually finding a toy treasure! He also indulges me, by doing a bit of agility on the rustic agility set up. All in keeping of the charm of this orchard. Dills and I love it

Celine's orchard is the perfect place for hounds and humans! We use it weekly so that our rescue hounds can have a free run about, with no worry of escape or 'greetings' from other dogs. Lovely setting with lots of different areas for the dogs to explore, including a seasonal pond. A wonderful hour spent every week being able to have a relaxing walk with our happy hounds

We love using the dog field! We are a family with a naughty (but loveable) dog so we love the secureness of the field. She loves exploring and seeing all the new things in the field, every time we go she discovers a new area to play! Her favourite is the pond when the weather has been wet

My 2 crazy lurchers and 2 crazy children love the freedom and space they get at Celine's orchard. It's totally secure which is a must for sighthound owners!

The orchard is just WOW! I love taken my dogs down there, it's a secure large area I can let my dogs run without the worry of any unwanted dogs coming up to us. My dogs favourite area is the pond to cool of after he has ran wild.
Rob Howse

I have booked and used the orchard on several occassions and it has been a godsend especially as I could not trust Billy off the lead and for several weeks I was post surgical operation convalescing.  In the orchard, which is well fenced, Billy could run his little Queen Anne legs off safely and give me  a chance to relax and  watch him enjoying being a proper little dog.  I can pretty well trust Billy off lead now but will still book the orchard as it is a really relaxing place to spend an hour, just you, your best mate and nature.

secure field for your dogs gloucester

secure field for dogs gloucester

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