Each week I will pick the dog and owner that I believe have achieved the most and post their pictures here. This may be because they have worked hard at all the exercises, or it may be that they have overcome one part of training that they were struggling with. 
Watch this space you and your dog may be appearing here sometime soon!

Bronze Saturday class, and what a fun class!
Annita and Casper.....You have both kept coming to classes for a long time now, and my week wouldn't be so much fun without you 2 in it......Casper was a perfect Bullie for bronze, perfect and as usual highly entertaining. I think Casper may have changed a few peoples opinions about the English Bull Terrier fro the better! Well done!
Diane and Milly....Well what a lot Milly has learnt! Every week you have gone home and achieved everything I have set you! Your dedication to Milly is clear to see, she is adorable and very lucky to have been adopted by you! Well done!
Ann and Lola.....Lola was perfect! She did everything she needed to do and passed with ease. You have worked hard and it shows. You are both a pleasure to have in class, well done!
Janice and Nelly....every week for the last 9 weeks Nelly has been really good.....on test day she really made you work hard! Its such a shame when you know they are capable of everything and they choose test day to mess about....despite having to have several attempts she did do enough to pass the test. I should imagine you acquired a few more grey hairs in that hour!!! We all know she is capable of great things and I'm sure she will show us in the silver course! Well done for sticking with it!
Ceri and Poppy.....Poppy was pretty much perfect on the test! She's such a clever little dog and I know you work so hard with her. She will never be a bored dog with you and Martin as her owners! Keep up the good work, and I will very much look forward to getting you through the Silver. Well done!
Shaunagh, Tricia and Rosie....Well what can I say, Rosie has been a challenge for you....she is incredibly bright though and really enjoys the learning. I was worried she would not pass her test but this last week you have obviously worked incredibly hard, and I think we were all amazed at how well she did! I am very proud of you for trying so hard this week. Well done!
I am looking forward to teaching you all the Silver!

Dogs of the week!
My very lovely Monday Silver class
Kim and Luna....Luna is a such a sweet little dog, and clever with it....she passed Silver easily and you are both a pleasure to teach....But because she is so cute you are always going to have to be firm with people about the jumping up....she does understand the command off, and can do it....Very proud of you both!
Anna and family! Training Jess and Pip at the same time has been a challenge for you, but with each challenge you have worked hard and they are becoming well mannered and more confident dogs. I am very much looking forward to getting you all through Gold. Well done!
Helen and Ruby....I know how hard you work with Ruby and I know how challenging she has been on several of the exercises, but you have pretty much cracked the jumping up and the walking is improving massively. Ruby has made you work hard but you've stuck with it! Well done!
Dominique and Bella....your second crazy spaniel, and again another well trained happy little beastie. You put a lot of work into your dogs and it shows....Love the spaniel wiggle when greeting, and her lovely loose lead walking, both can be a challenge for a Spaniel. Well done!
Looking forward to the Gold challenges!!!!

Wes and Bertie....Bertie was poorly last week so you couldn't take your Gold test with the rest of your group.
But I really didn't want you to miss out so you came back this week to do Gold!
I knew you would pass easily and you did! The bond between you and Bertie is clear to see and you both clearly adore each other.
I have loved teaching you Wes and you have been a joy to have in class! Claire you should be very proud of your lovely son, I will really miss all 3 of you!

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